Atres Villa Lanscape
Atres Villa Homestay Banyuatis Village
Atres Villa Swimming pool
Atres Villa Swimming Pool
Beautiful Nature Banyuatis water fall about 30 minutes walking from Atres Villa
Atres Villas Bar and Restaurant
Atres Villa Interior
Atres Villas offer fascinating walk with a range of different landscapes to enjoy

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Enjoy Bali with a Bali family

This little paradise amidst the rice field offering an outdoor swimming pool. Consist of some wooden bungalow and several unit villa which each unit able to accommodate couple or family guests all fully equipped in the middle of a beautifull rice field, its coconut, cloves and other tropical trees.


The Banyuatis village and the surrounding area with its unique nature and very agreeable temperatures is extremely suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. Walking, rice field hiking,stunning water fall, jungle trekking,dagout canoe in pristine lake, and all sorts of traditional cultural site-seeing. Experiencing traditional village life, visiting coffee, avocado and spice plantations such as clove,cacao,etc


Your host at Atres family will take a pleasure in organizing various nature trekk and tours, showing you the nature and plantation of the island. On you return of exursion Atres Villa Restaurant will concoct a typical local dish. In short this is a jewel that we are inviting you to discover.